The Woes of an Aging Woman

June 8, 2021

I turned thirty-two this past month, and I have to be honest…ever since I left my twenties, I dread getting another year older. I understand I’m still young – there are many years ahead of me – but in my mind, I stopped aging at about twenty-four, so when I realize I’m almost ten years older than my sadly skewed and somewhat far-fetched mindset, I internally capsize and sink.

There were many milestones I thought I would have achieved in life by thirty, and I don’t know when I put a deadline on my accomplishments, but I’m a Type A personality, so I suppose these personal expectations are inevitable. However, I’m also an optimist, so I’m thankfully saved from many self-destructive thoughts on most occasions. And yet, my body chooses to remind me of my age, frailty, and constant pain on a daily basis.

Some of you may know I’ve been faced with some medical challenges during this season of life…by no fault of my own. I have Celiac Disease, and I was fed gluten while in quarantine at The Hilton Sydney back in September 2020. Typically, my symptoms last for about two months, but clearly my body has aged enough that I no longer bounce back from a contamination this severe.

My symptoms seem to be getting worse, not better. My body isn’t tolerating a lot of food, so last week, I was on a pretty steady diet of gluten free toast and lactose free butter. Appetizing. However, my more debilitating concerns surround the nerves in my body.

I still make it a priority to work out at least five times a week, but I’m finding that I’m losing control of my hands and feet. A Google search revealed I’ve got symptoms aligning with peripheral neuropathy, which is caused by something…perhaps Celiac Disease, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense given that I haven’t eaten gluten in over nine months. I’ve had a specialist tell me that I should be living a normal life as long as I’m on a gluten free diet. But I can assure you, my life is anything but normal.

I have pain and numbness in my lower legs/feet as well as my forearms/hands. If I push myself in the gym, I often find control over the muscles in my hands and feet difficult. My vision has been affected, I have headaches and dizziness, but most annoyingly, I live in a state of nausea. I’ll be going to a neurologist in August to try to determine what’s going on with my body, and I’m praying I get some answers.

I share all this negativity, but it wouldn’t be like me if I didn’t point out the positives…once the optimist, always the optimist. As frustrated as I am with my health and not understanding why my body is responding the way it is, I know this life and this body is temporary. I often joke about dying and no longer being bound to my pain – and it may sound morbid – but as a Christian, I know heaven will be a wonderful place, not just because I will no longer feel pain, but more importantly, because I’ll be in the presence of God, no longer veiled by my sin.

I went to sleep on the night before I turned thirty-two, and I said to my husband – with slightly too much enthusiasm, “who knows, maybe I’ll never turn thirty-two, maybe I’ll get to meet Jesus before midnight.” He didn’t appreciate my humor – in fact, he got mad at me for my untimely, macabre joke – but I woke up on my birthday, and as long as I’m here, I’ll make the most of every day.

I have a great life, despite all my medical issues. I certainly don’t want to focus on what comes next after this life while letting all that God has blessed me with pass me by, so I’ll keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, push through my pain, and follow His will for my future. Thankfully, I’m encouraged by scripture in this journey, and I’ll leave you with this: “Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in us that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.” (Hebrews 13:20-21).

Why I Write

Today is a very special day…”Take Flight” has been officially released to bookstores!! I have been waiting for this day for a long time, and in celebration of this milestone, I want to share with you all a little about why I write.

I started writing in 2014. Matt and I moved to England, and I thought I was going to do some substitute teaching while in Manchester, but God had a very different plan for me – and that plan has flourished into something unique…a path I thought I would never venture down.

“Love’s True Colors” is an autobiographical fiction novel, so the plot came easily enough, given I had lived it. However, the writing did not come easy. It was a difficult journey, and I learned a lot in the process, but I have to admit, I was scared to death about putting my story out there.

Some people were offended by my writing, and although I had so many encouraging me along the way, it’s those negative comments – the ugly critiques – that still echo in my head to this day. My writing has grown since, and “Take Flight” is such a different novel because of that growth, but I am still preparing to read some reviews online that might be honest, but will sting nonetheless.

So, why do I do it? Why do I sit in front of a computer screen for endless hours, only to query hundreds of agents and publishing houses and receive rejection after rejection? Why do I edit an entire manuscript, page by page, line by line, word by word, and sometimes even letter by letter? Why do I write, and rewrite, the same sentence 20 times? Why do I stand in the shower sometimes and cry when my writing and querying don’t go how I thought it would? Why?

Well, it’s simple, actually…I do it because Christ has given me the strength and the ability to do it. I write because I know this life sucks at times, and that is true whether you’re a Christian or not. But when life unravels at the seams, there is still hope, and if I know what that hope is, why wouldn’t I share it with the world?

I write to entertain, build awareness, and highlight some real-life issues. But, if that was my goal – simply to have my readers finish my books and say, “that was a good read” – then I’ve failed. Because if my readers are not understanding a real truth about who God is, then what’s the point…what’s the point of my writing, what’s the point of working a 9-5 job, what’s the point of starting a family…retiring…growing old?

The point is Christ. It’s why I write, so my readers know that this life has meaning. This life isn’t about the highs, or even the lows, in life – it’s about so much more. My hope, and prayer, is that when my readers put down my books, they may think that the protagonist has been through a lot in life (and let’s face it, both Tessa and Hallie have), but that those difficulties don’t define them, they find their identity in something much bigger…someone.

My prayer is that when my readers finish my books, they will realize the only real hope in life comes through knowing that Christ not only died on the cross to save each and every one of us from our sins, but that He did it because of His great love for us. If this is the truth that my readers discover, then that’s a win for me as an author. If my writing doesn’t point to salvation in Christ, then there’s no point in any of it.

This is why I write.

Bookstore Launch: Take Flight

JUNE 15TH….This is the day we’ve been waiting for!! Take Flight is hitting bookstores on June 15th, which means, no matter where you are in the world, you can get your hands on a paperback copy of Take Flight!

This is an exciting time, and I hope you all will be going to a bookstore near you to get a copy of your own. However, if you want to order online, I highly recommend using This platform can be found on my website (under “Books for Sale”) and it is the site that provides the most revenue for authors.

Another exciting date to note is my interview about the book, which will take place on Monday, June 28th, at 12 pm (EST). This interview gives a little more insight as to why I wrote this book and why I want to share this story with my readers. You can register for the event at this website: Once you have registered, you will receive an email update about the event, but be sure to check your Spam folder, just in case!

To celebrate this book launch, I am doing a book signing AND READING in Fortitude Valley on Friday, June 18th from 7-9 pm. I have never done a live book reading of Take Flight before, so please be sure to join me for this event!

The event will be hosted at the Shadowplay Teahouse (138 Wickham St). They are a fully licensed venue and will have baked goods for sale as well. I will begin the book reading at 7:30 pm, so come grab a drink, something to nibble on, and get settled in for the book reading! Immediately following the book reading, I will be doing a book signing for those who would like to purchase the novel. There will be cake to celebrate the launch, plenty of drink options, and nothing but good vibes!

Bookstore Launch: Take Flight

Take Flight is hitting bookstores on June 15th, 2021!!!

I am so excited to share my fictional novel with the world next month. The book is currently available for pre-order through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and The links can be found on my website here, under the “Books for Sale” tab. Pre-order your copy today and discover the various fight-or-flight scenarios protagonist, Hallie Reed McClain, finds herself facing in this escape plot.

If you want to know more about the book, you can find the full write-up on any of the websites open for pre-order. Without giving any spoilers, Hallie is on a journey to discover her identity as she escapes the clutches of her abusive husband after a near-death experience. She knows her livelihood is dependent on remaining hidden in a small cabin tucked away in the woods of Oklahoma, but does her safety become jeopardized by placing her trust in the wrong people? Find out what happens, pre-order your copy of Take Flight today!

If you are in Brisbane, Australia – there is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the release of Take Flight to bookstores with me! I will be doing a book signing at the Shadowplay Teahouse in the Valley on June 18th, 2021, from 7pm to 9pm. This venue is fully licensed, so come grab a drink, perhaps even some baked goods, and settle in for the FIRST EVER, live book reading of Take Flight!!!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate with the author – if you have questions, post them in a comment below. For those of you who can’t come celebrate with me on June 18th, be sure to pre-order your book now or buy a copy at a nearby bookstore on June 15th. And hold on to your copy…who knows – I may be doing a book signing near you someday!

Party, Anyone…?

This post is for anyone who likes to receive free gifts!!! I have an exciting launch party coming up for the eBook release of “Take Flight,” and the best part about it is…you can participate from anywhere in the world because it’s all ONLINE!!

This Friday, March 5th, at 7pm (EST), join me on Facebook for the launch party of my eBook! “Take Flight” has been released to me only (as the author) up until this point, which means I have been limited to sales due to Covid-19 restrictions and the inability to do book signings across the globe. HOWEVER, the eBook can be accessed from anywhere in the world…and that is why I am throwing a party for the release of the eBook!

Okay, so this is what YOU need to know for the party. Join my Facebook event page (link provided at the bottom of this post) from the comfort of your home with any electronic device. The event will take place at 7pm on March 5th, but that is in the UTC-5 time zone, so be sure to check what time that will be for you in your time zone! The goal is to kick back with your favorite beverage and be ready to comment, comment, comment. I will post a new question (with a giveaway item for that question) every seven minutes…so be sure you refresh the page. All you have to do is comment on the post to be entered to win that giveaway item. And remember, THREE of those giveaway items are eBook copies of “Take Flight,” so if you haven’t read the book yet, you could get a free copy of it! It’s easy-peasy, stress-free, and a lot of fun!

I will post the winners of the giveaway items 12 hours after the launch party begins, so if you are not able to participate at EXACTLY that time, don’t worry – you are still eligible to win the giveaway items up to 12 hours later. Again, just comment on the posts!

Sooo…here is the link you’ve been waiting for! Click this link and select “Going” on the Facebook event page:

I’m so excited to hang out with you all on Friday and engage in discussion surrounding my novel, “Take Flight.” Let’s party!!

2020: A Year in Review

2020 has been a difficult year for many…and while I’ve endured some hardships this year, I recognize that I am blessed in many ways. I have not lost any loved ones, I have not lost any of my work positions, and I have not been sick with Covid. So, as I share some of the difficulties I have faced, I want to first recognize that I have many reasons to be grateful.

In January of 2020, I experienced severe pain in my right leg. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I quickly lost my ability to walk without excruciating pain. I couldn’t handle the pain, so I went to the doctor explaining the symptoms of what I assumed to be a blood clot. He took one look at me and said there was no chance it could be DVT. I visited a few other doctors, and all of them told me the same thing, but a scan detected a small blood clot in my right ankle, despite the fact that I get 10,000 steps in a day and workout six days a week. We were all a bit stumped, so I started seeing a vascular specialist. After several blood tests…I hate needles…everything came back normal. The only option was to send me to get a CT scan and see if there were any cancerous tumors in my body that would have caused the clot.

My plan was to go for the CT scan when I came back from America in early April…but the pandemic hit, and we were locked out of Australia for 7 months. During that time, I was playing spikeball (super fun game, but my body doesn’t keep up with me like it used to), and I thought I tore my meniscus. However, I later found out that my kneecap on my right leg was slipping in and out of position. Pretty painful…and no surprise that it happened on my right leg as I still was recovering from the blood clot.

Fast-forward a couple of months, and we were finally granted entry back into Australia! We were blessed enough to have the money to get us back (flights are crazy expensive during a pandemic) and to pay for the two-week quarantine we were required to do in Sydney. Now, as some of you might know, I have Celiac Disease, which means I can’t eat gluten. Despite the many memes there are about being “gluten free” (which I also find funny, so the humor isn’t lost on me!), I respond incredibly severe to gluten, and my symptoms are no laughing matter. Our first week in quarantine was great…but then the Hilton served me a meal that was not gluten free. It was a nightmare.

When the meal was delivered, all protocols were followed, so I didn’t think twice about the food I was eating…until we got another knock on the door announcing the gluten free meal. This was 30 minutes after I had consumed the meal they thought was gluten free. Someone made a serious mistake, but no one called to tell me not to eat the food, no one bothered to check on me…I was left to deal with the impact and sort out just how much gluten I had consumed on my own.

The next 24 hours were terrible. To save you from all the details, I experienced every tummy issue that comes with being contaminated. But on top of that, I had nose bleeds, muscle cramps, brain fog, unsolvable dehydration, muscle spasms, extreme fatigue (yet I was unable to fall asleep because my muscles jerk involuntarily, constantly waking me up), and a headache that trumped all headaches. But that’s just the first 24 hours.

I was contaminated on September 28th. It is now December 30th, and my body is still reeling. I’ve lost 15 pounds due to being constantly sick, I’m dealing with trust issues regarding food…so I’m often too terrified to eat, especially if I didn’t prepare the food myself, I have chronic stomach pain, I’m still extremely dehydrated (despite drinking 4-6 liters of water a day), I get muscle cramps in my legs and toes on a regular basis (which could lead to another blood clot), nose bleeds are the norm, and I’m tired…all. the. time.

We were planning on switching insurance companies this month, but no one will take on all of my medical needs as I have seen more doctors and had more blood tests than ever before. On December 16th, I was scoped to see what’s going on in my stomach…only 24 hours after getting gastro (which was miserable). I finally went for that CT scan only to discover I had a 6 cm cyst on my left ovary, so that was removed on December 23rd (only a week after my scope…I’m on a first-name basis at the hospital). Christmas this year was a bit of a blur, my body hurts, I’m back on blood thinners to avoid another blood clot, and my circulation, post-op stockings are now part of my everyday wardrobe.

This year has been hard on my body. So, why do I share this with you all? Part of the reason why I write is to heal…there is something therapeutic that takes place in the process of writing. However, I’m a very optimistic person, so in light of my optimism, I have to say that I’m blessed in so many other ways. While I struggled through surgeries, pain, needles, and less-than-ideal bodily reactions, I know there are people who spent Christmas in the hospital, who face injections daily, who wish they had an autoimmune disease that can be managed through dietary restrictions alone, who are still blocked out of their country of residence, who lost their jobs and don’t have a way to pay for medical procedures (amongst other things), who spend every holiday alone…who don’t have a hope.

Well, I do have a hope. Christmas is about celebrating our Emmanuel…God with us. And at the end of the day, when I reflect on all that I have endured in 2020 and pray for a healthier 2021, I know that “…our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” (2 Corinthians 4:17-18).

Maybe next year will be better, but if it’s not…if it’s worse, I still have a hope! One day, I will trade this body in…I will stand in heaven next to my God and Savior, and there will be no pain or suffering. That will be a good day, when I leave all the light and momentary troubles of our broken world behind and I experience the eternal glory of being face-to-face with the Maker of heaven and earth…the one who had a perfect plan to restore all hopelessness. And that plan was fulfilled when He sent his Son to the earth…born in manger…destined to die on a cross for my sin. Yes, 2020 was difficult, and 2021 holds some promise, but nothing like the promises I know await.

Take Flight Update

I know a lot of you have had some questions about the release of Take Flight, so I want to outline some specific timeframes that will help answer your questions!


A paperback copy of Take Flight will be available as of November, 2020. However, those copies are sent directly to me, so my sales for those copies will come from me only (more information about this below).

An eBook version of Take Flight will be available in March, 2021! I will be hosting an online party via Facebook for the eBook release, and your participation could land you a free eBook copy of Take Flight, so be looking for more information on that in the near(ish) future!

The official publication date of Take Flight is June 15th, 2021…this is when the bookstores will receive copies of Take Flight. For those of you who like to hold a book in your hands as you read (not a device) – those of you who do not live in near proximity to the paperback copy release locations – this is your chance to get your hands on a copy of the book. The book will be available in a bookstore near you, Amazon, and a platform that I think is your best option:

As we get closer to my official publication date for bookstores, I will be setting up my author website. You can actually go to my website and buy either my first book, “Love’s True Colors,” or “Take Flight” after June 15th, 2021 (or both!) through the preferred online platform,!


Okay…so now for the details on the release of the paperback copies in November! I will only be able to do an author signing in Brisbane, Australia. However, please hold onto your copies (no matter where or when you get them), because I will be doing book signings at a location near you at some point (once COVID is behind us), and I would be happy to sign your previously purchased copies at any author signing I do.

Elizabeth City folks…or surrounding NC/VA readers – I will be selling “Take Flight” and “Loves True Colors” at the Elizabeth City “First Friday” Art Walk on December 4th from 4 pm – 7 pm (outside of the Arts of the Ablemarle building). Personal pre-order copies are going for $14.99 and can be purchased via cash or card on that date. HOWEVER, I will be posting on Facebook about pre-orders where you can set aside your copies and pre-pay (thus ensuring that you will get your copy/copies) through the Cash App or PayPal. If you pre-order, your copies will not be sold to others; I am going to try to order enough copies based on the Facebook posts, but if I don’t have enough, it’s first come first serve until my next event (TBD).

Brisbane mates šŸ™‚ you all have exclusive access to a signed copy of Take Flight (for now), and I will be posting more about when I plan to have that author signing, but it will be in December. I want to give it a little more time to ship half-way around the world, so we will see how the printing process goes! I will also be taking pre-orders for those of you who would like copies; this will give me a good idea of how many copies to order, so be looking for my upcoming Facebook/Instagram post! Side note: If you do not have a copy of my first book, “Loves True Colors,” I will be selling/signing copies of that book as well!

Finally, to those dear family members and friends in Canada and the UK…I haven’t forgotten about you! Please hang tight until I can work out a scheme that will allow me to release “Take Flight” with the least amount of dissemination confusion/stress as possible.

Thank you all for supporting my work as an author and for encouraging me throughout this entire process! Take Flight is dear to my heart, and I can’t wait to share this intriguing plot with you all soon!

Interview: Hallie Reed McClain

To the silhouetted girl on my front cover, thanks for doing this interview!

We welcome Hallie Reed McClain to this blog and invite her to share a little more about her life. It is understood that the book has yet to be released, so all answers to the interview questions are somewhat vague…when needed. Let’s get started!!

Hallie, thanks for joining us today! Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

HRM: It’s an honor to be doing this interview – I’m so thrilled that people want to get to know me a little more before “Take Flight” is released. So, me in a nutshell…I’m somewhat shy and timid, although I acknowledge that I have been placed in situations when I am forced to come out of my shell a bit, and I am getting more and more comfortable with that…or trying to. 

I love to workout! I don’t tend to indulge in foods that are bad for me (given I’m a personal trainer) but I have a sweet-tooth (which can mean trouble sometimes)! I consider myself a loyal and trustworthy person, even though I feel like loyalty and trust has been broken, and I’ve had to deal with those repercussions. I’m frugal, caring, and learning more and more what it means to fend for myself.

Great, now that we know a little more about who Hallie is, can you explain how you came to be a Christian?

HRM: Well, I grew up in church…kinda. My parents went to church every Sunday – ummm…let’s not get into my relationship with them. It’s complicated. But I never really saw the depth in going to church every Sunday. Back then, it was more about checking the box or gaining forgiveness for my sins – but now I realize that God wants us to know Him…His character, His love, His trustworthiness. And although we can learn about all that on Sunday (and we should), simply going to church didn’t make me a Christian, and it took my brother, Harrison, pointing that out to me for me to understand.

I became a Christian toward the end of my college years. There was an emptiness in my life. I had stopped attending church during my college years because I was no longer under my parents’ roof where IĀ had to follow their rules, even if I didn’t agree with them. Looking back, getting out of the routine made me think more aboutĀ why I would go to church, and Harrison helped me realize it was because I couldn’t save myself…I couldn’t just be a Ā good person – there’s no such thing, every person sins. I was in need of a Savior, I knew that I was a sinful person (still am), but thankfully Christ died on a cross to save me from those sins. Now I can rely on Christ to get me through anything life throws at me. And having that hope, knowing that my sins are paid and that I have a trustworthy God who is with me in Ā everything… that makesĀ ALLĀ the difference, even in the darkest of times!

You mentioned a little about your parents and about your brother Harrison, do you want to share any more about your family?

HRM: Ha! There’sĀ family, and then there are friends who might as well be family. But, for the sake of this question, I’ll stick to family. The McClains really aren’tĀ family…so let’s skirt over that side. On the other side, I have my sister-in-law, Isabel. I became an aunt roughly five years ago when Isabel and Harrison had the twins. Branson and Bailey are the cutest! They are complete opposites – Branson gets his fiery side from Isabel, and Bailey gets her leveled side from Harrison. They are such a wonderful family…loved by so many!

That’s great, Hallie, it seems like you are very close with Harrison, Isabel, and the twins! You mention your friends…do you have many? 

HRM: Actually, no – I don’t. Ummm…making friends has not really been a strong-suit of mine. And sometimes choosing who I befriend has come back to bite me in the butt. If there’s any advice I could give, it would definitely be to choose your friends wisely…they may gossip about you, pretend they like you so they can look good in front of others by belittling you, or worse…betray you. Let’s just say I have endured some hard lessons, but you live and you learn – I sure did, and now I know how to choose wisely!

Okay, Hallie, I know I don’t have you for long, so I’ll wrap up with this one last question: It sounds like life’s thrown a lot at you, how do you handle the highs and the lows?

HRM: To say that life’s thrown a lot at me is an understatement. I’ve had to endure moves, broken trust, unbelievable gossip…although I guess believable because of the fact that it wasĀ passedĀ along, uncertain circumstances, and fear…constant fear. And that’s not to mention the abuse…but that’s dark, perhaps a bit too dark to get into in this light-hearted interview.Ā 

However, I deal with it all one day at a time. I try not to let it all pile up, one after the next, because that kind of stress can ruin a person. What saves me is knowing that God is there with me through it all. When you feel alone, truly alone, there’s no other comfort that can take away your fear and discouragement…it has to be God. And that’s not to say that I don’t struggle with trusting – I do…or did, but the best thing to do when life gets tough is to pray and read the Bible – we can get all the answers we need through that…I promise! My life is a testimony to it!

Thank you, Hallie, for your vulnerability and honest words! We are so thankful you have provided these answers and given your fans  a glimpse into your life!

Well, folks, that’s all on Hallie Reed McClain for now…you’ll have to pick up a copy of “Take Flight” to learn more about her!

Disclaimer: Hallie Reed McClain is a fictional character, so this interview is completely fictional, not based on responses from a real person. 

Daily Advance Interview

I wanted to share the interview I had the privilege of doing with the Daily Advance. More details about the release of “Take Flight” to come!

Visit blog or instagram page @tiffanyeveprice.

Written by: Anna Goodwin McCarthy with the Daily Advance.

It was such a wonderful experience to offer this interview for the Daily Advance! Post a comment below with any questions you might have about “Take Flight.”

Author Questionnaire

You all posted such wonderful questions! Thank you for participating – take a look at my brief responses…I know you lead busy lives, so I wanted to be as concise as possible while still answering your pressing questions about Take Flight:

Where do I start:

A story typically plagues me for years before I start to write it. I find I am developing characters, storylines, twists, and endings in my mind long before I get anything on paper. However, once I finally realize that a story won’t leave me alone, I begin with an outline. It’s likely that outline will change as my writing takes place, but I like to know where I’m heading before I begin!


Take Flight is a Christian Suspense novel. Cheeky side note…I wanted it to be a Romantic Suspense, but couldn’t quite figure out how to work in the romantic aspect tastefully. You’ll understand more when you read it!


I wanted to captivate a small-town feeling for the start of my novel, so I landed on a fictional town just outside of Oklahoma City. The novel eventually moves to Ann Arbor, Michigan (because I absolutely love that city), but in order to develop the protagonist’s identity, I needed her to be from a small-town setting.


I love a good suspense book, but I was curious if I could write suspense. It was a welcome challenge! I always find a suspenseful story compelling; however, I ultimately find it important to really delve into the characterization of the protagonist, so the plot has tons of deep point-of-view perspectives. I wanted to navigate the protagonist’s growth as she ventures through an escape plot. The plot dissects the ugliness of domestic abuse, which has been very fascinating for me to research…but I don’t want to give too much away!

My Writing:

The writing process for Take Flight took roughly three years. I began writing in October, 2017 – the manuscript required a lot of edits and adjustments, but I’m thankful with how long it took as I am quite happy with the end product! The book is 25 chapters plus an epilogue, and I think the most difficult part about writing is the editing…even the final edits were an absolute headache. It’s crazy how many proofreads were required!!


It’s actually quite difficult to select names for my characters, especially being a former teacher, a pastor’s wife, and a current university instructor. I meet so many people, and their names are closely associated with who they are…so I have to choose wisely. The characters are fictional, and I really had to do some research on Oklahoma culture to try and capture who these characters were going to be. Sadly, there are no Canadians in this novel – haha – but I still think I’ve managed to create some really likable…and not so likable…characters.

Book release:

The author’s copies come to me mid-November, so if you want a copy in 2020, it will have to come from me (more to come about that soon)! However, the eBook version of Take Flight will be available in March, and then the official pub date is June 15, 2021 (that’s when it hits book stores, Amazon,, etc.)!

I cannot wait to share this novel with you all. Again, thanks for asking such intriguing questions. Feel free to post in a reply below anything that didn’t get answered and I will certainly reply there!